Examples of activities that do not require approval from REC

Published 11.6.2012 
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  • Experimental treatments for which the primary purpose is the provision of health care to an individual patient.

  • Quality assurance and evaluation that is part of the health service, even if the projects are carried out using scientific methodology and with the purpose of generating knowledge that is intended to be published, provided that clinical studies are of the same type as the ordinary diagnosis and treatment for the disease in question. Character criterions to identify quality assurance that do not require approval from REC are available in Norwegian. Kvalitetssikring vs. framleggingspliktige prosjekter.

  • The creation of health registers not connected to a specific research project (falls under section 5 of the Health Registry Act or the regulations of sections 7 and 8 of the Health Registry Act).

  • Technical and methodological development work that uses anonymised biological material.

  • Research that only retrieves data from central, regional or local health registers (sections 7 and 8 of the Health Registry Act) unless otherwise required by the regulations for the registers. 

  • Use of other anonymous information and assessments of health conditions. Anonymous information means information in which names, personal identification numbers and other unique characteristics are removed so that data can no longer be linked to an individual (section 2 of the Health Registry Act). The registry owner is responsible for the provision of anonymised data.