Chief Investigator

Published 12.6.2012 
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  • The Chief Investigator is responsible for the daily operation of the research project.
  • The Chief Investigator should have the necessary research skills and experience to fulfil the Chief Investigator´s duties under the Health Research Act.
  • The Chief Investigator shall keep the Research Manager informed about the research project.
  • For ediucational projects up to and including Masters Level the teaching supervisor must be the Chief Investigator.
  • Multi-centre studies must have only one Chief Investigator in Norway.
  • For clinical trials of medicines, the principal tester or coordinating tester in Norway must be the Chief Investigator.
  • REC may impose special requirements for the professional and scientific competence of the Chief Investigator.
  • Only the Chief Investigator can apply to REC for approval of a research project with a specific research biobank if applicable.