Electronic Communications and Language Requirements

Published 26.3.2012 
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Illustrasjonsfoto: colourbox.no
  • All written communications to and from REC shall be in electronic format.

  • Applications and follow-up enquiries (response, amendments, reports and appeals) to REC should be submitted using electronic forms.

  • Other enquiries should be sent via email to post@helseforskning.etikkom.no with the name of the respective REC in the subject field (REC South East, REC West, REC Central or REC North). 

  • Application forms and information material should in general be written in Norwegian.

  • Attachments other than information material can be submitted in their original language, if this is English or a Scandinavian language.

  • Only projects that are exclusively conducted in countries other than Norway may submit an application and all attachments in English.

  • Letters from REC are approved for circulation without a signature and only sent as an email attachment.