Committee Decision and Right to Appeal

Published 26.3.2012 
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  • When the Committee has reached a decision on the research project (project application), the general research biobank (biobank application) or the application for dispensation from professional secrecy requirements (dispensation application), a decision is made for approval, conditional approval, rejection or dismissal (beyond the scope of the mandate).

  • The Research Manager(s) will receive a copy of REK's decision letter.

  • An appeal can be made against the final decision in accordance with forskningsetikkloven § 4 and forvaltningsloven kap VI. The appeal must be submitted to REC within three weeks from the day the notification with the decision was registered in the Chief Investigator's email inbox.

  • If there are exceptional circumstances for why the appeal deadline cannot be met, an application can be made for an extended appeal deadline. This application must be sent as an email to marked with the name of the respective REC in the subject field (REC South East, REC West, REC Central or REC North).

  • If the Committee upholds its decision, it will forward the appeal to the National Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics (NEM).