Application Requirements and Processing Times

Published 26.3.2012 
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  • Applications for the approval of research projects (project application), general research biobanks (biobank application) or dispensation from professional secrecy requirements for other research (dispensation application) should be submitted in accordance with the specific application deadlines which are published for one year at a time.

  • A project application or dispensation application must be submitted by the Chief Investigator, and a biobank application must be submitted by the Responsible Manager for the general research biobank.

  • An application must include the form, protocol and other documents and information required to gain a full understanding of the application.

  • In accordance with the provisions of the Public Administration Act and the regulations on clinical trials of medicines, the treatment of a case runs from the time REC confirms receipt of an application for review by the Committee. Replies can then be expected within three weeks following the date of the first upcoming meeting of the Committee which will review the application.

  • The Committee may issue a postponement decision with a deadline for any replies to questions or comments.

  • For cases other than project applications, biobank applications and dispensation applications the processing time will vary, depending on factors including whether the case needs to be reviewed at a committee meeting.