Public Access to Research Reviewed by REC

Published 12.4.2013 
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  • Public records and public project records are found under the menu option Projects in REC.

  • Public records contain information on all documents (including electronic forms and emails) that are registered as received by or sent from REC during the last three months.

  • The name of the Chief Investigator, Norwegian project title and what the case concerns (application, response, report, appeal or other) are shown in the public records.

  • Public project records are created in accordance with section 44 of the Health Research Act. Information such as the name of the Chief Investigator and Research Manager, the Norwegian and scientific project titles, the study promoter, project description, project period, project results as well as assessments and decisions made 
    by REC is made available here in searchable format.  The submitted form for the final announcement to REC is publicly available in its full text.

  • The right to access the full-text document is governed by the Freedom of Information Act, the Public Administration Act and the Health Research Act. If information is required to be exempt from public access, this must be justified in the application to REC.

  • When REC receives a request for access to documents, the person who submitted the documents is notified and is given a deadline of three days to submit comments.