Review by Committee

Published 26.3.2012 
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  • The Committee has a quorum when the chairman or vice chairman and at least five other members or deputy members are present.

  • In principle the Committee makes decisions in a meeting. Any dissent is recorded in the minutes and the minority can demand that their reasons for dissent be recorded in the minutes.

  • The Committee can delegate authority to make decisions within the Committee, for example give the chairman the authority to make decisions for a secondary review or project changes.

  • The Committee is bound by the impartiality rules in chapter 2 of the Public Administration Act.

  • If a breach of impartiality results in the Committee no longer having a quorum, the case must then be considered by a different Committee.

  • The Committee can invite the applicant to attend a Committee meeting to provide information about an application.

  • The Committee can obtain expert opinion. For clinical trials of medicines on children the Committee must always obtain the opinion of paediatricians, if the Committee does not itself possess competence in paediatrics.