Statistics for projects and general research biobanks in REC

The statistics consist of projects and general research biobanks where the primary application was submitted to REC after 5 May 2009 and before 1 May 2019.

Search guidance
  • New applications = applications for advance approval of medical and health research projects, general research biobanks and applications for dispensation from professional secrecy requirements for the use of health information in research that falls outside the Health Research Act.
  • Change applications = applications for approval of changes in medical and health research projects and general research biobanks.
  • Processing status applies to all types of applications.
  • Final reports apply to medical and health research projects.
  • Project classification applies to medical and health research projects. A single project can be classified as belonging to more than one category.
  • Searches can be limited to listed responsible research institutions when selecting years from 2011 onwards.
  • Work is ongoing to ensure the quality of the base data for searches. Institutions responsible for research and chief investigators/lead managers can contribute by ensuring that applications, project changes and final reports are correct.
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