Opplæring av fastleger i Bulgaria med formål å redusere selvmordsrate. En kontrollert studie

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Improved Mental Health Care Services in general practice in Bulgaria

Program BG07 "Public Health Initiatives"

The project will test if improvement of skills and knowledge in general practitioners (GPs) in Bulgaria may reduce the suicide rate. This project is set up as a controlled trail, where the north east and northern part of Bulgaria serves as the control group for the intervention group being the other four districts of Bulgaria. The intervention is to be delivered to 1650 GPs and 350 social workers and psychologists in these four regions. GPs in the control regions will not receive the intervention. The intervention consists of both distance learning via the internet, and also a seminar over two days where participants (mostly GPs) will attend lectures and participate in practical exercises. The purpose of the trail is to explore if this intervention may reduce the suicide rate in areas where GPs participate in the training program, compared to the control areas. The intervention will be implemented in 2016, and suicide rates for 2012-2020 will be analyzed.
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Ref. nr.: 2016/263 Prosjektstart: 31.01.2016 Prosjektslutt: 31.12.2020

Behandlingsstatus: Utenfor mandatet
Prosjektleder: Arnstein Mykletun
Forskningsansvarlig(e):  Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Initiativtaker: Oppdragsforskning

The intervention is funded by Norway as part of the programme BG07 "Public Health Initatives" under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. The Bulgarian National Centre for Public Health and Analysis (NCPHA) is formally responsible for the project funding and the implementation of the project.

The NCPHA has invited the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) as a partner with particular roles on reviewing and advising during the planning of the intervention, and also with responsibility for scientific evaluation of the effect of the program in the role of principal investigator (PI). This contribution to the project by the NIPH is funded by the NCPHA over the grant from Norway as described above.

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