Sosialarbeideres holdning til redusering av skadevirkninger under arbeide med stoffmisbrukere i Nepal

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Social Workers' Beliefs towards Harm Reduction when Working with Substance Using Clients, Kathmandu, Nepal

Harm reduction refers to policies, strategies and programs designed to reduce the harm associated with the use of psychoactive substances, including illicit drugs. There is history of more than 5 decades of drug use in Nepal. Nepal, once the drugs free zone, attracted thousands of drug tourists from around the world. Major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and the border areas are the most affected regions. Specific objectives: • To describe the demographic and professional characteristics of the social workers. • To analyze the association of respondent’s gender and profession and their beliefs towards harm reduction principles • To analyze the association of re
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Ref. nr.: 2015/167 Prosjektstart: 26.01.2015 Prosjektslutt: 15.05.2015

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Prosjektleder: Tormod Ola Brenn
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