Ko-morbid Diabetes og Spiseforstyrrelser

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Co-morbid Diabetes and Eating Disorders - an investigation of eating disorder psychopathology and diabetes regulation

Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) is a chronic condition associated with serious physical and psychological sequelae. Eating Disorders (ED) are characterised by restricted food intake or bingeing and purging, a morbid preoccupation with food, weight and shape and major disturbances in cognitions. IDDM appears to be a risk factor for the development of eating disorders. Up to 30-40 % of young women with IDDM exhibit a clinically significant ED - a 10-fold increase over the normal population. When ED and IDDM co-occur, metabolic control is impaired and the rates of morbidity and mortality are dramatically increased. Given the frequency and severity of the co-morbidity and the subsequent significant societal costs, there is an urgent need to understand its aetiology and associated psychopathology, with the long-term aim of enhancing treatment. This is a cross-sectional epidemiological survey. The aims are to explore the cognitive and behavioural correlates of co-morbid IDDM and ED and to assess the prevalence of ED in a Norwegian population. Specifically, we will test the hypotheses that i) quality of IDDM regulation is predicted by levels of ED psychopathology; and ii) the relationship between IDDM regulation and ED psychopathology is mediated by health related functioning (coping strategy, illness representation and treatment adherence). The findings of this study will clarify the prevalence of co-morbid IDDM and ED in Norway and guide treatment innovation.
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Ref. nr.: 2009/1737 Prosjektstart: 01.01.2010 Prosjektslutt: 28.12.2018

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Prosjektleder: Øyvind Rø
Initiativtaker: Bidragsforskning

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Utvalg: Pasienter/klienter, Personer med mangelfull samtykkekompetanse
Forskningsmetode:: Statistiske (kvantitative) analysemetoder

Utdanningsprosjekt/doktorgradsprosjekt: Studium: Universitetet i Oslo, Psykologisk institutt, Nivå: Doktorgradsstipendiat
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