Generell forskningsbiobank

Potentially malignant oral disorders (oral premalignant lesions)


The main aim of the current biobank is to store and manage

(1) 4-5 micron cut sections of FFPE tissue

(2) already isolated DNA and RNA from from FFPE specimes of oral leukoplakia (one of the types of oral premalignant lesion), already collected and managed by our collaborator (Bengt Hasseus) in Gothenburg.

The collection of and the use of these specimens have already been approved by the ethical comittee in Gothenburg (please find the attachement) and are currently stored in research biobank (Biobank väst, ref 890) located at the pathology department of Göteborgs Universitet. 

FFPE sections and DNA and RNA from specimes of oral leukoplakia will be stored at the Department of oral biology, University of Oslo and used for immunohistochemistry (IHC), DNA and transcriptome analyses for the ongoing collaborative projects.

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Ref. nr.: 2019/1264 Startdato for innsamling av materiale: 01.02.2019

Behandlingsstatus: Under behandling
Ansvarshavende: Dipak Sapkota
Forskningsansvarlig(e):  Universitetet i Oslo
Finansieringskilder: Research fund from Dipak Sapkota

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