Kan endring av aktiviteter i dagliglivet føre tilbake til arbeid?

Vitenskapelig tittel:
Can reconstruction of daily chores be a pathfinder for returning to work?

When people try to regain mastery of everyday life after severe illness, they often experience changes in their occupational capacity. Staying home, disconnected from working life, can create feelings of loneliness and social exclusion. After disability one needs to re-organize family life and to recapture a new structure in daily life. There are few studies on peoples' adaptation to habits and roles with the aim of returning to work after disability. There is a need to enhance the knowledge about peoples' experiences and occupational choices after disability, to develop better vocational rehabilitation programs and to explore how human beings adapt their occupational pattern after disability. The aim of the study is to explore peoples' experiences of changed occupational pattern after disability with the point of returning to work.
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Ref. nr.: 2011/722 Prosjektstart: 02.05.2011 Prosjektslutt: 31.12.2012

Behandlingsstatus: Under behandling
Prosjektleder: Marie Berg
Forskningsansvarlig(e):  Sunnaas sykehus HF
Sunnaas sykehus HF
Initiativtaker: Bidragsforskning

Utvalg: Pasienter/klienter
Forskningsmetode:: Fortolkende (kvalitative) analysemetoder

Utdanningsprosjekt/doktorgradsprosjekt: Studium: søkes om opptak i doktorgradsprogram UiO, Nivå: PhD
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