Cross cultural effects of the Bergen 4-day Treatment

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Cross-cultural clinical effects of the Bergen 4-day Treatment. An international multicenter study

The Bergen 4-day Treatment (B4DT) has shown that 90% of patients with anxiety disorders/OCD can expect clinical significant changes, and that nearly 70% are long-term recovered. The international demand is substantial, but prior to large scale dissemination it is necessary to establish its cross cultural relevance and clinical outcome. The aims of this international multicentre study is to document the acceptability, feasibility and clinical outcome of B4DT in new cultural settings, and to compare outcome to established Norwegian standards. This will be done in randomized controlled trials (RCTs), where clinical effects following the B4DT is compared to a wait-list (WL) condition. If demonstrated feasible and effective, the B4DT may substantially influence the way treatment is delivered to the largest groups of patients in the mental healthcare, which may have immense personal as well as socio-economic consequences world-wide.
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Ref. nr.: 2018/2114 Prosjektstart: 01.01.2019 Prosjektslutt: 31.12.2033

Behandlingsstatus: Pågående
Prosjektleder: Gerd Kvale
Initiativtaker: Bidragsforskning

The Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity will cover the basic infrastructure for running the trials. Agreements between researcher, institution and initatior of the research project will follow when each new contry/ site submit the applications to their local ethical boards. The contracts can be sent to REC for  when they are avaialable if requested. The Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity is a funded through a collaboration between Haukeland University Hospital, the University of Bergen, Bergen Research Foundation and the Kavli Trust. 

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