Biobank Application

Published 11.6.2012 
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  • Each research biobank must have a Responsible Manager with a higher level of medical or biological education. The Research Manager (Institution Responsible for Research) shall appoint the Responsible Manager for the research biobank.

  • The Biobank Application form (Biobanksøknad) shall only be used when the Responsible Manager is applying for approval of a general or thematic research biobank for future research projects. This also includes applications for the continued storage of human biological material collected in a specific research biobank when the purpose of the original project has been fullfilled.

  • The Biobank Application form is not to be used for specific research biobanks that are included in a specific research project. Information about a specific research biobank shall only be provided in the ordinary Project Application form.

  • Read more about research biobanks under the menu option Rules and Procedures - Obligation to Seek Approval - Health Research.

  • When you are logged in you will see link to the form Biobanksøknad underneath this text. The form is only available in Norwegian.

  • The form is a dynamic screen dialogue. Information is obtained from the user profile of the person logged on. Submitted answers guide subsequent questions in the form.