Biobank Amendments

Published 12.1.2012 
  • Each research biobank must have a Responsible Manager with a higher level of medical or biological education. The Research Manager (Institution Responsible for Research) shall appoint the Responsible Manager.

  • The Biobank Amendments form (Biobankendring) shal only be used when the Resonsible Manager is to apply for approval of changes to an already approved general or thematic research biobank for future research projects.

  • If you are to apply for approval for changes to a specific research biobank included in a specific research project, you should use the Project Amendments form (Prosjektendring) which you can find under the menu option Forms for Research Projects.

  • If you are to apply for approval for the continued storage of material in a specific research biobank indluded in a spesific research project when the purpose of the original project has been fulfilled, you should use the Biobank Application form (Biobanksøknad).

  • For general research biobanks, enquiries other than amendments should be submitted in an email with attachment(s). Remember to include the name of the respective REC (REC South East, REC West, REC Central or REC North) in the subject field of the email.

  • Forms for research projects should not be used for general research biobanks.

  • Read more about research biobanks under the menu option Rules and Procedures - Obligation to Seek Approval - Health Research.

  • When you are logged on to the portal you will see link to the Biobank Amendments form (Biobankendring) underneath this text. The form is only available in Norwegian.

  • The form is a dynamic screen dialogue. Information is obtained from the user profile and precious applications made by the person logged on. Submitted answers guide subsequent questions in the form.