User Account

Published 16.11.2020 
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  • In order to submit an application form or be a co-user for an application form or a case portfolio, you need to go to the new portal

  • Existing users can request a new password in order to access old documents in this portal.

  • Your password and the reply from REC will be sent to the email address you entered as your username.

  • The reply from REC will appear with the sender as In order to avoid emails from REC being filtered as junk mail you should save this email address in your contact list/address book.

  • In order to access the case portfolio, application form and document, you must be logged on with exactly the same email address you were logged on with when you created the form, or exactly the same email address the Chief Investigator assigned to you as co-user. The case portfolio and form will not be displayed if you are logged on with a different username, for example with an alias address or an address to which email to the stated username is forwarded.