Electronic Forms

Published 11.1.2012 
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Enquiries to REC must be submitted using an electronic form:

  • Project Application
    The Chief Investigator's application for approval of the research project. The form contains sections to apply for the approval of a specific research biobank for the project.

  • Response
    The Chief Investigator's response to the postponement notification for the research project.

  • Project Amendments
    The Chief Investigator's notification of project changes and application for continued approval of the project under new terms.

  • Reports
    The Chief Investigator's final report or ongoing report for the research project, if an ongoing report is required by REC.

  • Appeal
    The Chief Investigator's appeal against the decision on the research project.

  • Remit Assessment
    For assessment of issues regarding whether a project should be approved by REC.

  • Biobank Application
    Application from the person responsible for the general research biobank for approval of the general research biobank for future research projects, including the application for the continued storage of human biological material in the original specific research biobank when the purpose of the original project has been fulfilled. The Biobank Application form shall not be sent in for specific research biobanks. Information about a specific research biobank shall only be provided in the Chief Investigator's application in the ordinary Project Application form.

  • Biobank Amendments
    Notification of changes to a general research biobank and application for continued approval under new terms from the person responsible for the general research biobank. The Biobank Amendments application form shall not be completed for a specific research biobank. A change to a specific research biobank is to be deemed a project change, and shall only be submitted by the Chief Investigator in the ordinary Project Amendments form.

  • Dispensation from Professional Secrecy Requirements in Other Research
    Application for dispensation from professional secrecy requirements for the use of health information in research that falls outside the Health Research Act.

The forms for a research project must be created and submitted by the Chief Investigator.
The forms for a general research biobank must be created and submitted by the person responsible for the general research biobank. 
The forms are automatically completed with details from previous submissions and from the user profile of the person creating the form. Information in the form is updated from the user profile each time the form is opened by the person who created it. The information in the user profile must be updated before the form is opened for final submission.

The forms are dynamic screen dialogues - submitted answers guide subsequent questions and help texts with guidance can be activated during completion.
It is especially important to note that there is a separate page in the project application form with questions on clinical trials, records data, human biological material and intervention with ionising radiation which is only activated if this option is ticked.

Wholly or partially completed draft forms or submitted forms can be printed and/or stored locally on your own computer.
This is carried out using the print function which is displayed as a printer icon for each form on My User Page. When the form is saved locally it can be sent to others as an email attachment. The form will be in HTML format until the application deadline expires. The format is then changed to PDF.