About Applying To REC

REC shall provide advance approval for:

  • Medical and health research projects
  • General and thematic research biobanks
  • Dispensation from professional secrecy requirements for other types of research

More information about applying to REC can be found under the specific menu option - see in particular Rules and Procedures and Deadlines and Forms.

Applications must be sent to REC in electronic format from https://rekportalen.no/

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New REK portal (This portal will be closed)

Use the new REK portal at rekportalen.no

You can not submit applications from this portal

If you already are a user, you will be able to log in with your old username.

The new portal can be found here: https://rekportalen.no 


All projects processed by REK in the old portal will be transferred to the new portal


About REC

The activities of the Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REC) are founded on the Norwegian law on research ethics and medical research.

The seven regional committees are made up of people with different professional backgrounds, lay representatives and representatives for patient groups.

The committees are appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research for a four-year term.

More information about REC can be found under the specific menu option - see in particular Rules and Procedures and Committees and Meetings.

About Ethics

The aim of the Health Research Act is to promote good quality, ethically acceptable medical and health research.

REC carries out an assessment as to whether research is undertaken in an acceptable manner. This entails the consideration of benefit versus risk and whether data protection is assured. REC's basis for assessment can be found under the menu option Rules and Procedures.

The websites for the national committees for research ethics contain further information about ethics and research ethics. Click on the logos to open these external sites.